Pictures of the construction site

Construction Site

Not only Bob the Builder is hardworking. At the moment Ewaldi Community School is busy building. The new kindergarten is currently under construction. In addition, the dorm has been painted in bright colors.

Construction Site

For the 10th anniversary, the dream come true that the kindergarten / preschool for 90 children can move into their own new building by the autumn. With funds from the Sternsinger from our Bocholter community, the construction could be struck together with the Kindermissionswerk.

A lasting memory

Report from this year's Uganda trip by Ronja Heisterkamp
On October 21, 2017, I made my way to Africa with another 24 Bocholtern. Of course, each of us had different expectations of what to expect in Uganda, hopes of who we will meet in Uganda, and fears about the fates we take to heart. Before my trip, I had many stories told by former project participants. They were all very fascinated by the diverse country of Uganda. One thing I can tell you, it did not take a day until this fascination came to me. "Wow, you can not describe that, you have to experience that!" I'll try to give you a little insight into our journey:

On the first day, our group set off on bumpy and winding roads to the Islamic Gaddafi Mosque Kampala. Alone in this time, so many impressions already hit me, that my mouth almost remained open. Everywhere there were humans, animals, plants, red sand, billboards, food, clothing, cars, taxi buses and BodaBodas. I had never seen such a mess before. And yet I felt the balanced atmosphere that was in the air.

In the same atmosphere we were also welcomed on the second day at the Ewaldi Community School in the Nakaseke District. Many small, dark-skinned children, with a beaming smile on their faces, lined up to a lane and sang with enthusiasm the song "Who I am" (by SINACH) for us. This moment was so poignant to me that actually tears rolled down my cheek. The warmth of the reception was clearly visible in the days that followed. EVERYONE is accommodating, dedicated and helpful.

Day three to five we spent in our projects. Together with the children and teachers, we set up garbage cans, collected garbage, built two garbage disposal facilities, baked cookies, made lanterns, bought books, sewed stuffed animals, built gates, a goal wall and coordination ladder, took pictures, and made many, many videos. As you hear, there was no boredom with us. Of course, things did not always go according to plan, but fortunately we had our practical locals, who supported us around the clock and supported us energetically. For both sides it was an educational experience to work with people from another culture and to learn from each other. After three sweaty days, at a felt thirty degrees Celsius, followed finally the funny part of the week: Martinsumzug, Spieletag, football and volleyball. Of course we had fun on the other days as well, especially when the food was on the table. "Mhh ... is that divine!" I found it very interesting to try the different foods and get to know the new flavors. I would have liked to spend more days at school to enjoy the time together with the children, but we had a new week ahead with an exciting program.

On Sunday, some of us ventured to White Water Rafting on the Nile. This was really a "blatant" adrenaline kick for young and old. Others chose the more relaxed route and drove in a "nutshell" to the Nile Spring and on to Samuka Island, a small, beautiful island on Lake Victoria. As a group, we visited Murchison Falls National Park the next day. Here we stayed between wild animals in tents and cabins. Our highlight on these days were the many animals we could photograph, observe or even get acquainted with from a short distance. A nice reminder are our cozy evenings around the campfire with a Nile (beer) in hand. I think there is nothing better to share his experiences in the evening with the people who have been with the adventure. That's why I'm really looking forward to our late night meetings with my project group, where we can laugh together about our salsa party evening, the fish and chips plate and the rat night. Our trip was great and always puts a smile on my face, if I remember.

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