Who We Are

Who We Are

Who is behind the One World Group Ewaldi?

Durchgeknallte? Alright, at least a little!

Who sacrifices his oh-so-beloved free time for a project in Africa?

12 people who are involved in a wide variety of education and occupations (if you include retirees as a profession).


Learn from a guy who first tells you about his idea, which is only 12 years old, about a school and what happened to this project. After some convincing sentences, you are already mentally on the plane, towards Africa! And if you have been there only once, you have caught fire, fire for another world that you can not imagine and that will never go out of your mind again!

Well, and should that not be enough for you as a motivation, we have a guy of the ......!

Ewaldi Children Education Fund (registierte NGO)

P.O. Box 33197 Kampala Directorate of Community

Tel.: (+256) 772-469773 Wakiso District

Email: ecefuganda@yahoo.com

Reg.No: WCBO / 035 am 5.2.2007



  1. Steven M. Sango
  2. Annet Sango
    P.O.Box 33197, Kampala
    Tel.: (+256) 772 -469773
    Email: stephen.sango@gmail.com
  3. Andre Bösing


Contact Germany

Kirchengemeinde St. Josef / Ewaldi
Pfarrer Andreas Hagemann

Schwertstr. 24, 46395 Bocholt

Email: stjosef-bocholt@bistum-muenster.de

Tel.: 02871/217930

Coordination Germany

Andre Bösing (Pastoralreferent)

Wiesengrund 1, 46395 Bocholt

Email: andreboesing@gmx.de

Tel.: 0151/12425268

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