Become a godfather

Become a godfather

Can you imagine children looking forward to going to school and learning?
Ugandan children enjoy going to school and enjoy learning. Support a child in Nakaseke and enable the school visit! Become a godfather!

In Uganda, the first four born children of each family can go to a UPE primary school free of charge. The cost of the school uniform, school supplies, meals and at boarding schools the night, but must be borne. Thus, a large portion of the costs are due to the family, which can not be borne by many families. With only 25, - EURO a month allow a child in Nakaseke

  • The school attendance of the Ewaldi Community School (tuition)
  • School uniform and school supplies
  • possibly accommodation in a dormitory
  • Medical supplies
  • Individual educational support
  • Participation in children's or youth camps

After attending grades P1 through P7 at the Ewaldi Community School, children have the opportunity to attend a vocational or secondary school, depending on their degree. In this case, we try to find good private schools for the children who are nearby. Nevertheless, all children are accommodated in the secondary schools in the boarding school area.
The costs for the secondary school increase and are usually at 30, - to 35, - Euro. If your child is about to graduate from elementary school, we will inform you and ask you for further assistance. The secondary school lasts four years (O-Level / middle maturity) and six years (A-Level / Abitur).
Particularly good godchildren should also be able to attend a university. If your godchild belongs to these children, we will contact you to clarify if and how the desired study can be realized.
Orphans have a particularly difficult time! The sponsorship is to provide the orphans with a school visit to the private Ewaldi Community School.
The selection of children happens exclusively according to social criteria by street workers in cooperation with the coordinators of the school. In the Ewaldi Community School, the children are given special support and care according to their situation. Since the beginning of our project, the social workers Steven Sango and Annet Busulwa have been responsible for the care of the children, the selection of teachers and other school staff, the financial interests of the school and the coordination. Many of the teachers have been working for "our" children for many years.

The personal sponsorship makes it possible to get to know each other well and to accompany the child individually through correspondence. The sponsors regularly receive the reports and testimonies of their child so that they can follow the development. In addition, they receive an info letter 1-2 times a year, in which the project is reported.
The sponsorship of 25 € mtl. according to § 10 b EStG, or § 9 Abs. 1 KStG as contribution (donation) can be deducted tax deductible. Donations receipts (officially: attendance certificate) can be issued through the parish office of the parish Ewaldi, whereby the proof for each individual donation up to 200 € to the tax office in accordance with § 50 para. 2 sentence 1 no. 2 letter a) EStDV can be done by the bank statement.
If you would like to support a child with your donation, write us an email with your address or complete the sponsorship directly in the parish office St-Josef:
Parish office St. Josef
Church Square St. Josef 5, 46395 Bocholt
Tel. 02871/2 17 93 -0

Alternatively, you can also use our online form to apply for a sponsorship, or you can also download a form for a sponsorship here and send us filled out.

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