School- System

School - System

The school system has its roots in the British colonial era of Uganda. School uniform is mandatory. Each school can design their own uniform (ours consists of a beige-gray plaid shirt with beige trousers, or beige-gray plaid dresses). School lessons take place as full-time lessons.

The primary school lasts 7 years. This is followed by the secondary school (secondary school). After 4 years, there are final examinations and who passes this can attend two further years, the secondary school and thus after a total of 13 school years to obtain the "a-level" and apply for the university. Alternatively, you can learn a trade after elementary school in vocational schools.
The Ugandan state supports the families by allowing the first four born children of a family to attend a public elementary school free of charge. However, many children are still denied the possibility of a good education, although in principle compulsory education for children under 15 years and every resident is entitled to 7 years of education. The cost of the school uniform, school supplies, meals and boarding at the boarding school must be borne by the child's family and are a big expense. The government pays a school 9000 schillings / year (about 2.50 €) for each schoolchild. This is too little. Therefore, the quality of school education, especially in state schools, has dropped since the abolition of the primary school fee. Due to the low pay of the teachers there are a lot of lost hours, fluctuation or the pupils have to work partly instead of being taught for the teachers.
Alternatively, there are private schools where the costs of tuition are incurred, but the quality of the tuition is much higher. Even today, many children are unable to attend school regularly because they have to actively contribute to their livelihood or take care of younger siblings.
In order to give disadvantaged families and orphans the opportunity for a future-oriented school visit, we founded the Ewaldi Community School.
Our school is a primary school. In addition, we offer a kindergarten, whereby this kindergarten is less comparable to German kindergartens, but rather to a preschool. The kindergarten can be visited for up to three years, depending on the age of the children who come to us.

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