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Our Projects

Education for a fairer world - learning together - living together

The "Ewaldi Children Education Fund" has existed since 2003. The organization is a cooperation between committed people in Uganda and Germany whose goal is to provide perspective for children from families affected or disadvantaged by AIDS. On the Ugandan side, the social worker Steven Sango leads the NGO, in Germany she is affiliated to the congregation of Ewaldi in Bocholt and is coordinated by Andre Bösing.


Andre Bösing reports: "It all started in 1997 during my work stay and orientation internship in the NGO Maddo of the Diocese of Masaka in Uganda. The break in Uganda should give me orientation before my studies in theology for my career change from a banker to a pastoral assistant. In Uganda I got to know Steven Sango, who was still doing social work, when working with Aids-affected families. The young committed and critical Ugandan fascinated me in his work with the people. In the face of family misery, we began to dream together to help the children. The dream became reality. Thanks to sponsorships and the construction of the Ewaldi Community School, many children can look to the future with new eyes through education. "

Target Group

In Uganda in the Nakaseke district, the AIDS rate is particularly high. Twenty years after the end of the war in Uganda, the consequences of that cruel time are apparent. The young women and men who have become infected through rape of the soldiers and subsequent ignorance of the consequences of the virus have died in recent years or are suffering from the autoimmune disease. Thus, an entire generation has been threatened with extinction in recent years. Many children live in this area without parents, overwhelmed with the tasks of everyday life. Education at school is out of the question. No basis for a future perspective.


Through school sponsorships and support for the construction of the "Ewaldi Community School" you can help the children. Only through (school) education do the children gain perspectives for the future. They can break out of the vicious circle of poverty, finally experience their childhood and lead a regulated life.

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