Voluntary Service

Voluntary Service

You are interested in foreign experiences?
You are committed and you want to work for our project? There are many opportunities to get involved! Are you in prep school and would you like to spend a year abroad and apply for a social project after passing the exam? Since the summer of 2013 there is the possibility to work in our project for one year as a volunteer / volunteer. Or is your timeout unfortunately only for a shorter stay? Even for six weeks, the work in the project is worthwhile! Parents and siblings of annual interns are welcome visitors. The guesthouse on the school grounds can accommodate ... guests! Every year in October at the time of the autumn holidays in North Rhine-Westphalia, a two-week trip to Uganda takes place. Intensive experience with numerous actions!

Worldward (FSJ)

You want to gain experience abroad? You are committed and you want to work for our project? You want to get to know the Ugandan culture? Then apply for a Voluntary Social Year at the Ewaldi Community School! Since summer 2013 it is possible to do a one-year voluntary service at the Ugandan school in cooperation with the diocese of Münster. The two volunteers live together in the guesthouse right on the school grounds, are involved in the teaching staff and the school life and support the work on site. Prerequisites you should bring: Age between 18 and 28 when leaving, physical and mental resilience, an (intercultural) unbiased attitude, being able to engage in simple living conditions, openness, curiosity, social skills, empathy and critical thinking. The project offers a great deal of freedom in one's own work design, which requires creativity and initiative. Volunteers can help with education, leisure time and childcare. More and new ideas are always welcome.

Possible fields of activity
Assistance in the kindergarten (for example: preparing exercise books, assisting teachers with teaching, individual work with the children, handing out the porridge, accompanying children to the street after school ...) Even in kindergarten teach (possibly after a period of settling in, prepare lessons ...) Teaching at school (preparing lessons, distributing and correcting homework ...) Physical education (two to three times a week in the afternoon) Tutoring lessons to bring the children of your class to a similar level Assist in dance lessons Community work (eg gardening, cleaning church / grounds, getting to know families and surroundings) Leisure activities in the afternoon area Participation in teacher meetings Participation in school and teacher excursions Supporting the project management in maintaining the sponsorships (for example writing letters to the godparents)
Application deadline is October 15th! Further information about the volunteer service and the application can be found on the homepage of the diocese of Münster at www.bistum-muenster.de/auslanddienste. News about the current volunteers can be found on her blog at http://fsj-uganda.blogspot.de/.


It is also possible after consultation with Judith Bröcker the opportunity to complete a short-term internship. A prerequisite for this is a stay of at least 6 weeks and a maximum of 3 months. Applications consisting of CV, letter of motivation and possible employment interests are also to be addressed to Judith Bröcker.
We ask for your understanding that in case of internships and project visits the costs for accommodation in the guest house and meals amounting to 15, - Euro per day have to be borne by yourself, as otherwise they would be paid by project donations.


Guests and visitors of the volunteers are welcome. Prerequisite for a visit, however, is the agreement of the appointment and coordination with Judith Bröcker. Visits to volunteers are only possible in the Ugandan holiday season, as the volunteers do a regular service and can not be on leave outside the holidays. The accommodation in the guest house is possible, but as mentioned above to pay accordingly. Traveling with project staff is possible by arrangement, but to pay according to the service.

Uganda trip in October

A group sets out to explore the special, to meet African people and their culture, bringing them closer to our lands 7800 km away. Every year during the autumn holidays of North Rhine-Westphalia a group of 15 to 20 committed people make their way to Uganda, to "work" for two weeks in the project, but also to enjoy the African life and the beautiful landscapes of Uganda as well as the wildlife to discover.
Already half a year before the autumn holidays, the group of interested Ugandans meets and, under the direction of Andre Bösing, thinks about which plans are in the pipeline and which impulses can be implemented. Small working groups form, for example, preparing the Martinsumzug at our school and the previous tinkering of the lanterns. In addition to actions that are scheduled regularly, each year different ideas are introduced by the participants of the trip. Since the holiday and recreation of the experience should not be neglected, the second week should be used to discover the beauty of the country Uganda; either when visiting a national park or about the island world in Bunyonyi lake.

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