The first steps

As early as 1997, Ugandan social worker Stephen Sango and Pastoral Officer André Bösing met during a traineeship at the NGO Maddo in Masaka and decided to help the many children affected by AIDS in Uganda

The dream became reality. Stephen Sango, who worked with families affected by AIDS, approached Andre Bösing with a request to help the orphans. 2003 came in the municipality Ss. Ewaldi first sponsorships.

In January 2004 founded the one world circle with the founding members Hannelore Jessel, Georg Paar, Guido Succatsch and Anne Klus (today Berger), as well as the initiator André Bösing.

While the children in the first years lived at home with the Sango family and attended different schools, the need for a common school building and a pedagogy adapted to the situation of the children arose

In 2008, the construction of the "Ewaldi Community School" began. The foundation stone was laid during the first project stay in October 2008 by Irmgard Winking and Pastor Hans Hasken.

Construction of an auditorium in 2010. The auditorium is used for meetings, performances and as a place of escape in the rain. The dance, theater and music education helps traumatized and disadvantaged children to cope with their situation.

In 2013, a guest house u.a. to be built by the promotion of the unit World Church of the diocese of Münster. The guesthouse is home to volunteers from Germany who gain practical experience abroad for a year through the diocese of Münster and the Weltwärts program. Even short-term interns find their bed in the guesthouse.

Another milestone was the solar system, which in 2012 installed the Bocholt group on the roof of the dormitory. The sponsoring took over the company Tekloth and the BEW (Bocholt Enerie- and waterworks).

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